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18, Tehtnica, United States
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Višina>5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Teža100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
JezikiAngleščina, Španščina
Sramne dlakeObrita
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Someone who can be gentle and sweet but can also take control at times ;)
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hi there! Im Misty, 18 years old and a real freak, I love making you cum!!
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People being mean or disrespectful
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My Rules

1. Be kind to others! My streams are a safe space for everyone and that means no one should be getting teased, or chased off the stream. Let's all work together to make my community the most positive possible!

2. Be respectful! I am here for you ALL! Please respect me and my time. If you want to see something, make sure to tip!! Rude or demanding comments will earn a 24 hour mute, anything after that will result in a permanent ban from my stream.

3. If you spam buy any option, that could hurt or make me very uncomfortable, i have the right to stop when necessary. This is just for my safety!


4. No self promo! Any promotion of other models/yourself will lead to an automatic ban

5. Have fun! I love spending time with each and every single one of you, so make sure you enjoy yourself as much as i do!

My Wishlist

Want to see me in a new outfit?

I love dressing up for you and trying new things. My Amazon Wishlist is full of lingerie and other cute outfits you can see me in.

And of course I will give you credit every time I wear it ;)


I also have some tech stuff on there that would allow me to stream while I travel which has always been a dream for me.

Click to see what you want me to wear tomorrow! Thanks bb ;)

My Kings

I love all my supporters but these five have helped out the most and they are special! ;) Lifetime totals:

1. Breeze69 14,884<<<<THANK YOU SO MUCH BABY

2. TylerCage 13,424

3. Ren355 3,471

4. Yankees171717 3,205

5. SimSauce 2,924

6. Yungdagerdick 2,572

7. Bigdickdave18 2,138

8. Wraker 2,470

9. Saintq12 2,287

10. curtisc33 1,625


You could be one here too! Just come play with me :)

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20. 02. 21

MistyLove23 seznam želja
Gaming Chair - SAVE MY BACK!!!!
Gaming Chair - SAVE MY BACK!!!!
6,850 tks - I suffer from back pain and this would help support my lower back during my long streams. I would love you forever :)
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Buy Me A Drink
Buy Me A Drink
222 tks - Do you come here often? ;)
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Add me on snapchat so you can see what I'm doing offline and we can send each other pics :)

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500 tks - lifetime!!

Don't miss out on seeing the rest of my silly life ;)


Follow me on twitter @Love23Misty for some sexy photos and some of my silly thoughts.

You might even get a follow back if youre lucky ;)

Biggest Tips

These are my biggest individual tips I have received! A special shout out to all of these Kings :) 

1. Breeze69 2900<<<YOU'RE SOOOO BIG ;)

2. Breeze69 1500

3. Breeze69 1112

4. Breeze69 1000

5. Wraker 1000

6. Wraker 1000

7. Breeze69 999

8. Breeze69 999

9. Breeze69 999

10. TylerCage 999